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The tendency for choral performance of songs is innate in the inhabitants of Velvento.

The Mixed Choir was created in October 2004 by amateur choirs under the auspices of the Velventos Cultural Club. The conductor of the choir was our late roommate Dimitrios Chrysou. Since September 2017 he belongs to the Association of Friends of Music “Velventines Fones”, which was established on the initiative of the members of the choir.

For this reason, three sections have been created with the ultimate goal of one feeding the other. This is how they work today: the four-part mixed adult, the three-part teenage and the two-part children’s choir.

The adult section consists of 50 members, the three-part teenage choir with 30 teenagers created in March 2012 and the two-part children’s choir with 50 children was created in March 2011 and their repertoire includes songs from the whole range and richness of Greek and foreign music. They appear either separately or all the sections together.

They have given many concerts.

In November 2013, March 2015 and November 2017 he participated in the 6th, 7th and 8th International Festivals of Philharmonic – Choirs – Orchestras in Thessaloniki.

In August 2014 he collaborated with the composer George Chatzinassi.

In March 2016 the mixed choir took part in the International Choir and Dance Festival in Budapest.

In June 2017 he participated in the 1st choral festival of religious and traditional music in Tinos.

On April 20, 21 and 22, 2018, he participated in a competition of HON in Piraeus, where he won the first prize out of competition.

In the summer and December of 2018 he collaborated with Mrs. Anna Bithikotsi.

In December 2018 he took part in an international festival in Belgrade.

On May 3, 4 and 5 he took part in the 11th International Festival of Philharmonic – Choirs – Orchestras at the Athens Concert Hall.

On June 8, 2019, he paid tribute to Nikos Gatsos with the participation of more than 200 choirs from 4 choirs in a joint appearance.

Participation of a mixed and adolescent choir in a festival of the Ionian Association of Lamia.

The sections of the adolescent and children’s choir participated together in many appearances with the adult section and in their own separate appearances such as:

On November 4, 2017, they participated in an event of the Cultural Association of Kastoria “Vassilios Doikos”.

In June 2018 they participated in the 1st meeting of children’s choirs in Neo Marmara, Halkidiki and in June 2019 in the choir festival in Ofrynio, Kavala.

On April 13, 2019 they participated in the 1st meeting of children and youth choirs in Argos Orestiko.

On November 3, 2019, they participated in a festival of children – youth choirs of I.N. Πρ. Elias Pyleas at the “Stavrou Kougioumtzi” theater in Panorama, Thessaloniki.

The sections of the association also appear in Velvento in the choir meetings and events organized by our association.

The teaching and management of all departments has been undertaken since 2008 by Alexandra Papa.